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Stonemasonry is used in construction terminology that employs stones and mortar. It is a building masonry construction contractor that uses this technique for the building floors, foundations, retaining walls, walls, arches, and columns. Generally, contractors use natural rocks for masonry construction. First, the natural rocks are cut in desired shapes to be used in masonry construction.

The reason for using stone as a building material is its natural strength and durability. Cerritos Pro Concrete performs the task of stone masonry in Cerritos with required techniques and skilled workforce.

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Materials for Stone Masonry

The two primary materials required here are stones and mortar for their unique characteristics.


The careful selection of stones is essential as only stones that are hard, sturdy, and free from sand holes, cavities, and cracks can serve the purpose. Some common types of stones for masonry work are sandstone, granite, limestone, marble, laterite, etc. Every stone type has unique functions, and the selection of stone type depends on the importance of the structure.


Mortar is a paste used for binding building blocks like stones, concrete, bricks masonry units. This is used to fill the irregular gaps and cavities that arises on the building blocks. Builders make the mortar paste by mixing cement or lime with sand and water. The selection of mortar is based on the strength, color of the stone, and the load falling on the blocks or structures.

Types of Stone Masonry

Rubble Masonry

The stones used in this type are either undressed or roughly dressed. These stones do not have a uniform thickness, and it can be made secure using improved quality mortar, long through stones, and proper pouring of paste between the stone spaces and joints. The rubble masonry is further divided into a subcategory, which has its respective properties and uses.

Ashlar Masonry

Unlike rubble masonry, here accurately dressed stones having a uniform and delicate joints are used. The thickness of the joints is arranged in various patterns, and the size of the stones is proportionate to the width of the walls.

This type is also divided into subtypes for various construction requirements. The costliest form of ashlar masonry is beautiful ashlar masonry, where each stone block is cut into uniform rectangular shape and size for perfect horizontal and vertical joints.

In straightforward words, stone masonry is binding two blocks of stones together with mortar. Mortar here is a pasting element, and it is evident that it provides excellent binding properties as it joins two stone blocks. Stones are an economical material for construction where they are available in abundance. These blocks are cuts and dressed in proper shape for the construction of walls, footings, arches, columns, beams, etc.

Stone is used in houses and for massive structures like dams, lighthouses, monuments, ballast, etc. Hence the job of a stonemason becomes crucial as they have to erect massive structures satisfactorily.

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