Cerritos Railroad Tie Retaining Walls

this image shows railroad ties retaining walls in Cerritos, California

Railroad ties are a great option for homeowners who want to build a retaining wall. The railroad tie will help create a flat surface, and it is much easier than using stones or bricks to form the wall. Railroad ties have been used in construction projects since the 1800s, but they were first made from wood and over time switched to being made from steel to withstand heavy use.

A railroad tie retaining wall is different from other walls because it doesn’t need mortar or concrete to keep it together, just some nails for reinforcement. It’s also more affordable than other options, making them popular with those on a budget. They come in many different sizes and colors, so homeowners can choose one that will work best for their yard. Concrete railroad ties are the most popular type because they have a smooth surface to make them easier to walk on. Still, people also use wooden railroad ties or metal railroad tie retaining walls depending on the look they want and how strong an option is needed.

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Cerritos Pro Concrete is a railroad tie and concrete contractor company operating in the area for years. They work with homeowners, businesses, government agencies, and others on projects of all sizes to help build railroad ties walls or other types of retaining walls. Cerritos Pro Concrete works closely with its clients throughout each project to ensure it will be completed successfully and meet any specific needs required.

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What Are the Advantages of Railroad Ties?

There are many advantages of railroad ties retaining walls over other types. These railroad ties are stronger than wood, making them ideal for retaining walls that will support heavy things like large rocks or even cars in some cases. They also come in different sizes and colors to make it easier to choose one that fits the best with your property while still being strong enough for what you need it for.

What Are the Drawbacks of Railroad Ties?

The railroad ties don’t come with mortars, making them harder to install and giving you fewer options for how the wall is designed. They also can cost slightly more than other retaining walls because they are stronger and made from steel instead of wood or brick-like.

Do Railroad Ties Retaining Walls Last?

Railroad tie retaining walls are made from steel railroad tracks, which means they can last a long time with proper care. The railroad ties themselves will not rust or wear out as quickly as other types of metal because the surface is smooth and coated to protect it against moisture on top of being treated for corrosion resistance.

What Is the Difference Between Railroad Ties and Concrete Railroad Ties?

The main difference between railroad ties and concrete railroad ties is that one comes in a squared shape while the other has been smoothed down, so there won’t be any sharp edges at different points along its length. The square railroad tie also doesn’t have any coverings over them like you would find on concrete ones, making them more affordable but less durable than the railroad tie retaining walls made from concrete.

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