Cerritos Concrete Leveling

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The answer to this question is that in most of the cases of slab sinking and settlement, the technique of concrete leveling or slab jacking works wonders. Success depends on who undertakes the task. Hence, skilled professionals would be able to correct the issues of an uneven concrete surface as this a repairing technique.

We introduce Cerritos Pro Concrete is a trusted and dependable source to perform the task of leveling in any area. You can easily connect with the skilled professionals at (562) 262-5777 to discuss the problem of the uneven slab and its solution. Call now and get free estimates.

This technique is the first choice of many homeowners for its affordable and time-saving treatment. Over time cracks may appear on any concrete surface. Be it the garden area, foundation block, sideways, driveways, etc. You can observe an uneven surface there. At this time, you should contact reliable and experienced contractors like us to discuss what the options are available to treat this issue. 

The concrete leveling method is available for such issues, and we have performed this method to correct the uneven slabs in many houses. 

To know more about Cerritos concrete leveling, contact us at (562) 262-5777 and get free estimates.

How Does This Method Work?

From the safety point of view also, the concrete surfaces should be in level to avoid trip-hazards, pooling water problems, etc. You have to be careful with the kids and elders walking on such surfaces. It also reduces the visual effects of the structure. Hence you should adopt the repairing techniques that restore the concrete slabs and also increase durability. 

The method is very simple, and we perform the task in relatively little time. The aim is to bring the level of slab back to its original position. And the same is done by filling the underneath gap with the help of a slurry mixture. This mixture pushes the sunken level upside, and the slab reaches its original leveled surface. The slurry mixture of Portland cement is pumped through holes drilled on the slab, the holes are then covered, and the entire slab gets a new look.

Generally, this method is done within hours, but actual time will depend on how much area is to be treated. 


You will definitely think how long does this technique hold up? As the method addresses the root cause of the uneven surfaces’ problems, it is better than concrete replacement. With a new slab, the problem of slab sinking or settlement may develop again, and you have to deal with the problems again. Pouring a new slab will serve the purpose for little time, but slab jacking or concrete leveling is more dependable and durable. It is advisable to go for a simpler and effective job than slab replacement. 

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To learn more about the method, contact Cerritos Pro Concrete at (562) 262-5777 and get free estimates. If you have a visible sinking concrete around you, Cerritos Pro Concrete will apply the technique of concrete leveling to eradicate trip-hazard unpleasant views. We level all types of concrete slabs like walkways, driveways, sideways, patios, pool decks, etc. using the latest types of machinery and techniques.

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